Genetic Resources at Risk: Scientific Issues, Technologies, and Funding Policies

This 42-page document consists of 38 text pages and 2 cover pages. The document is out of print and available here as the full document or by individual sections, having been scanned into text-searchable Adobe(R) Acrobat(R) portable document format (pdf) files as listed below. Acrobat Reader is available from Adobe Systems Incorporated as a free download.

Full document (42 pages): 2.5Mb

Front cover, title page, table of contents, and preface (8 pages): 122Kb

What genetic and germplasm stocks are worth conserving? (Major M. Goodman) (10 pages): 221Kb

Perspectives from plant genetics: The Tomato Genetics Stock Center (Charles M. Rick) (10 pages): 212Kb

The Drosophila Stock and Resource Center: Its role in biological research (Thomas C. Kaufman, Kathleen Matthews, and David Cribbs) (8 pages): 169Kb

Funding strategies for biological conservation—Experience from endangered species (Kurt Benirschke) (6 pages): 150Kb

Conservation of genetic resources: A proposal for sharing the responsibility (Calvin O. Qualset) (6 pages): 215Kb

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