In situ Genetic Conservation of Monterey Pine (Pinus radiata D. Don): Information and Recommendations

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Executive summary (4 pages): 129Kb

Ch. 1: Introduction (4 pages): 255Kb

Ch. 2: Selected biological features of Monterey pine and its forests (16 pages): 4.41Mb

Ch. 3: Current status of genetic information on Monterey pine (8 pages): 650Kb

Ch. 4: Status of conservation for Monterey pine (14 pages): 247Kb

Ch. 5: Models of genetic conservation plans (2 pages): 95Kb

Ch. 6: Principles and recommendations for in situ genetic conservation of Monterey pine (18 pages): 304Kb

References (12 pages): 306Kb

Appendices A and B and Glossary (6 pages): 100Kb

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