Avian Genetic Resources at Risk: An Assessment and Proposal for Conservation of Genetic Stocks in the USA and Canada

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This material is based upon work supported by the US National Science Foundation under Grant No. 9634227 and by the US Dept. of Agriculture under Special Cooperative Agreement 58-0790-6-110. For information on how to receive this document in hard copy, please return to our Publications page.

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Preface and Executive Summary (12 pages): 125Kb

Ch. 1: Introduction (4 pages): 113Kb

Ch. 2: Avian genetic diversity (10 pages): 1.11Mb

Ch. 3: Avian genetic resources for biological research (10 pages): 777Kb

Ch. 4: Conserving avian genetic resources (6 pages): 299Kb

Ch. 5: Genetic stocks: Current resources and recent losses (8 pages): 138Kb

Ch. 6: An Avian Genetic Resources System: Proposal (8 pages): 144Kb

References (8 pages): 135Kb

App. 1: Instructions and survey form sent to researchers (2 pages): 64.4Kb

App. 2: Genetic stock collection data (4 pages): 96.1Kb

App. 2: Table 2.1, Stock information, (32 pages): 175Kb
This table provides the most complete desccription of the existing stocks. While it may be viewed and printed via the Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in in your web browser, saving the file to your hard drive and then opening it in Acrobat Reader outside of your browser allows you to use Reader's Edit Find function within the document.

App. 2: Table 2.2, Stocks listed by country, state or province, institution, and curator (8 pages): 35.9Kb

Appendix 2: Table 2.3, Curator contact information (2 pages):14.6Kb

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