Directory of University of California Expertise and Interest in Conservation Biology and California Biodiversity

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Introduction. This directory attempts to bring together the human resource base at UC that has primary concern with biodiversity. It was produced by the Genetic Resources Conservation Program, a statewide program of the Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources in the Office of the President, in collaboration with the Wildland Resources Center which provided an initial mailing list. The directory currently presents about 340 individuals.

The directory was produced with the intent of providing service to several groups of users. This includes the many State and federal agencies that have management responsibilities over biological resources. It will also help the development industry locate expertise for advice in producing environmental impact reports and other matters. Nongovernmental groups, such as The Nature Conservancy, may find the directory useful to identify research or teaching skills relevant to their work. The UC Cooperative Extension Service will find many of their staff included in the directory and will be able to locate specialists from around the UC system that can contribute to their outreach education programs. Finally, we hope that graduate and undergraduate students will use this directory to interact with faculty in career-development activities.

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Organization of the Directory. Respondents were given the opportunity to state in their own words their research interests and the relevant organisms and habitats related to those interests. In addition, they were asked to select keywords for research topics and organisms and habitats of interest; to indicate whether their organisms of interest are domesticated, wild, feral, or California endemic; to indicate whether their habitat of interest is aquatic or terrestrial; and if, the respondent maintained collections of genetic resources, to select keywords relevant to means of conservation. A code to designate the primary affiliation of the respondent to the many units of the University of California has been assigned to each respondent. These are defined below. We recognize that for many individuals these are not mutually exclusive categories.

  • UCAREC = UC Agricultural Research and Extension Centers
  • UCB = UC Berkeley
  • UCCE = UC Cooperative Extension county offices
  • UCD = UC Davis
  • UCDANR = UC Div. of Agriculture & Natural Resources Statewide Programs
  • UCI = UC Irvine
  • UCLA = UC Los Angeles
  • UCNRS = UC Natural Reserve System
  • UCR = UC Riverside
  • UCSB = UC Santa Barbara
  • UCSC = UC Santa Cruz
  • UCSD = UC San Diego

What you’ll find in the online version. You will have the opportunity to search the directory by selecting one or more keywords in one or more of the categories. The response will be the names of all respondents who chose to associate themselves with that selection of keywords. In addition, you can find the full record for any one individual.

How to use the online version. On the search page, you’ll find scrolling boxes for each keyword category and for the UC affiliation code. A left mouse click selects a keyword. To select more than one in a category, hold down the ‘Ctrl’ (or ‘Apple’) key while clicking. When choices are complete, click the Search button. If you wish to see the records for a single individual, type the person’s surname into the box provided and then click the Search button.

For all searches, the information returned consists of an individual’s full name, title, city, and affiliation code. The person’s name is a hotlink and choosing it returns a page with that person’s full contact information, all the keyword choices made, and the statement of research interests, organisms, and habitats in the individual’s own words.

How to update current information or be entered into the directory.

  • If you are listed in this directory and your information needs updating, complete and submit this form with your current information.
  • If you are a University of California employee who wishes to be added to the directory, the same form can be used.

Submitted information will be reviewed and added to the directory and you will be notified by email when the change has been made.

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