International Triticeae Mapping Initiative
Public Workshop

14–16 June 2000

University of Delaware
Clayton Hall
Newark, Delaware USA

Sponsored by
International Triticeae Mapping Initiative
and the
DuPont Company

Final Program (pdf file)

The International Triticeae Mapping Initiative, formed in 1989, is an informal consortium of geneticists dedicated to developing recombination maps of the genomes of the species in the Triticeae tribe of the Poaceae family. The informal nature of ITMI was meant to encourage independent research among the primary participating laboratories and at the same time encourage collaboration so that good maps would be obtained rapidly and materials and resources could be shared. The progress in building such recombination maps has been steady and the objectives of ITMI have been achieved for the major crop species in Triticeae. The momentum and data from these maps have been a major impetus for the increasing interest in genomics and comparative mapping both within Triticeae and between species of Triticeae and those of other grass tribes.

The workshop was open to anyone interested in the use and development of molecular markers for genetics and breeding of cereal crops and other grasses. Approximately 70 persons attended. This 10th public ITMI workshop provided up-to-date reports on progress in molecular genetic mapping, map utilization, marker development, and genomics initiatives for cereal crops.

As a result of a meeting of ITMI coordinators and the general ITMI business meeting at the workshop, a plan for reorganization of ITMI is underway with a new organization and mananagement structure to be announced in January 2001.

Local organization

The local organizing committee arranged an excellent venue and social program for the 10th International Triticeae Mapping Initiative Public Workshop.

Wayne Powell, Linda Lyons, Petra Wolters, Scott Tingey, and
Barbara Mazur—DuPont Corporation, Local Organizers

Program Committee

The Workshop program was developed by an international committee (Catherine Feuillet—U of Zurich, SWITERLAND; John Fellers—USDA, ARS, Kansas State U, USA; Mike Gale—John Innes Centre, UK; Peter Langridge—U of Adelaide, AUSTRALIA, Patrick McGuire—U of California, USA; Wayne Powell—DuPont Company, USA; Marion Röder—IPK–Gatersleben, GERMANY; Scott Tingey—DuPont Company, USA; Petra Wolters—DuPont Company, USA; Hong-Bin Zhang—Texas A&M U, USA) and will focus on structural and functional genomics of the Triticeae.


A registration fee of $200US for the 10th ITMI Workshop provided the conference facility expenses, an evening reception (14th), an abstract booklet, proceedings, three lunches and morning and evening coffee breaks (14th-16th), a visit to the genomics labs of DuPont and to Longwood Gardens followed by a catered dinner (15th).


Posters. A total of 22 posters were presented.

Oral presentations. Twenty-five invited and volunteered presentations were made over the three days.

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