Conservation Biology-Related Activity by the Genetic Resources Conservation Program

GRCP has emphasized conservation biology as an important theme for its general mission concerning conservation of the genetic resources important to California. Selected activities the Program has organized with this theme are listed here:

  • Why do we care about genetics? A downloadable series of 12 factsheets addressing principles, tools, and uses of genetic information for conservation was released in 2006.
  • Restoration genetics: Applying population genetics to plant restoration projects at local and regional levels. A short course offered June 24, 2006 at the Society for Conservation Biology 20th Annual Meeting (June 24-28, 2006, San Jose, CA). Agenda and resources are available.
  • Genetic monitoring in California State Parks: Improving connections between species management and genetic research. A workshop was held in Davis on February 16, 2005 (agenda and a report with summary and recommendations are available.)
  • Genetically appropriate choices for plant materials to maintain biological diversity”, December 31, 2004, was authored by GRCP Conservation Geneticist D.L. Rogers and A.M. Montalvo (UC Riverside). Addressing the need and an opportunity for dialog between land managers who choose native plant materials for wildland use and geneticists who can provide counsel on relevant (but often complicated) details, this guide synthesizes important genetic principles and provides many examples to inform land managers and help them understand the context for advice from geneticists. It focuses on details relevant to the USDA Forest Service’s Rocky Mountain Region, but contains a wealth of information that is relevant elsewhere, as well. The 343-page document provides an extensive literature review, introduction to genetic concepts, recommendations, and examples.
  • Monterey Pine Forest Ecology Cooperative, begun in January 2001, with funding from the Packard Foundation and continued with funding from the Resources Legacy Fund Foundation.
  • Conservation Biology Workgroup. Initiated in 1999 with funding obtained from the UC Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources.
  • Genetic Conservation Plan for Monterey Pine. A conference was held April 26–27, 2000 and a report (GRCP Report #26) was published in late 2002.
  • International Congress on Ecosystem Health. GRCP served as Secretariat for the Congress, held August 15–20, 1999. A major publication with CRC Press (Managing for Healthy Ecosystems, D.J. Rapport, B.L. Lasley, D.E. Rolston, N.O. Nielsen, C.O. Qualset, & A.B. Damania (eds.), 1551 pages) covering the topics introduced at the Congress was published in late 2002.
  • Summer Symposia in Conservation Biology (1999–01). Organized with the UC White Mountain Research Station.
  • Directory of UC Expertise and Interest in Conservation Biology and California Biodiversity (GRCP Report No. 19) was initially published in 1997 in hard copy. Most current is this on-line version with search capabilities.
  • Status of Conservation Biology at the University of California reports on conservation biology activities at eight campuses and several statewide UC units and programs. Originally published in 1997, this on-line version is most current. The report was prepared with support of a 1995 grant from UC Office of the President Intercampus Academic Program Incentive Fund.
  • Planning for Intercampus Opportunities in Conservation Biology Research, Education, and Service, June 20, 1997, Davis (Intercampus meeting). An intercampus advisory group was established and a set of objectives to enhance UC conservation biology opportunities.
  • Initial Planning for Strengthening the University of California Education Opportunities in Conservation Biology by Intercampus Collaboration, March 15–16, 1996, Irvine (Intercampus meeting).
  • Need for Statewide Symposium on Scientific Issues in Conservation of Biodiversity in California, June 6–7, 1994, Irvine (Assessment workshop).
  • International Summer Institute in Genetic Resources Conservation of Animals and Plants, July 6–August 7, 1992, Davis.
  • Role of the University of California in Biodiversity Research, Conservation, and Education, June 7, 1990, Berkeley (Workshop and Report).
  • International Short Course in Plant Genetic Resources Conservation, June 10–30, 1990, Davis.
  • Conservation Biology Education, December 15–16, 1988, San Diego (Statewide workshop).
  • Genetic Resource Conservation in California, November 19–20, 1987, West Sacramento (Statewide symposium).

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