Conservation Biology Workgroup

WG ratified 1999, Re-ratified 2004
Chair: C.O. Qualset, Genetic Resources Conservation Program (GRCP)

FY2005-2006 Report

FY2006-2007 Proposal

FY2004-2005 Report

FY2005-2006 Proposal


The University of California Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources made funding available for workgroups to plan and coordinate research and extension activities. Building on an existing, informal ad hoc committee in conservation biology convened in 1997 by GRCP for guidance in the its directions for California biodiversity, a successful proposal to establish a Conservation Biology Workgroup was submitted to DANR.

The Workgroup, officially ratified and awarded funding November, 1999, is facilitated by GRCP staff. It addresses DANR’s Natural Resources Program issue of ‘Management of Natural Biological Resources’ with a collaborative, systemwide approach that 1) draws on existing strengths within the UC system to identify and coordinate management expertise in the short term, 2) analyze graduate and undergraduate conservation biology curriculum, and 3) build upon and cooperate with existing UC Cooperative Extension (CE) outreach and training activities to build networks and provide natural resource management expertise in the longer term. The focus on conservation biology by this Workgroup will also facilitate DANR’s ability to address several of the very high priority action items for Agricultural Resources Program issues; for one example: Action 3 of Issue No. 3, Environmental Quality and Resource Conservation with its goal of improving natural resources and environmental quality.

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