Accessing genetic resources and sharing the benefits: Lessons from implementing the Convention on Biological Diversity

29–31 October 2003

List of Participants

From Pacific Rim countries

  • Paz Benavidez (Committee on Ecology, House of Representatives, Republic of the Philippines)
  • Jorge Cabrera (University of Costa Rica and INBio, Costa Rica)
  • Fernando Casas (Instituto Alexander von Humboldt, Colombia)
  • Jade Donavanik (Thailand Biodiversity Center, Thailand)
  • O’Kean Ehmes (National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan, Micronesia)
  • José Carlos Fernández-Ugalde (National Institute of Ecology, Mexico)
  • Anne Haira (Ministry of Economic Development, New Zealand)
  • Dominique Hervé (University of Chile, Chile)
  • Tim Hodges (Biodiversity Convention Office, Environment Canada)
  • Tetiro Mate (Attorney General’s Chambers, Kiribati)
  • Vera Monshetseva (Ministry of Industry, Science, and Technology, Russian Federation)
  • Mohamed bin Osman (Universiti Kebangsaan, Malaysia)
  • Sally Petherbridge (Environment Australia, Australia)
  • Preston Scott (Executive Director, World Foundation for Environment and Development, USA)
  • Sourioudong Sundara (Research Institute of Science, Lao PDR)
  • B. Satyawan Wardhana (Ministry for Environmental Protection, Indonesia)
  • Dayuan Xue (State Environmental Protection Administration-SEPA, China)

Multilateral organizations involved in CBD implementation

  • Susan Bragdon (International Plant Genetic Resources Institute, IPGRI)
  • Morgane Danielou (Africa Region, The World Bank)
  • David Duthie (UNEP/GEF)
  • Valerie Normand (CBD)

Specialized government agencies with CBD involvement

  • Amanda Penn (International Cooperation and Development, USDA, USA)
  • Doug Neumann (State Department, USA)
  • Joshua Rosenthal (Fogarty International Center, NIH, USA)

NGOs with CBD expertise

  • Anne Perrault (Center for International Environmental Law, USA)
  • Tomme Young (Environmental Law Centre, IUCN)


  • Leif Christoffersen (Diversa Corporation, USA)
  • Steven King (PS Pharmaceuticals, Inc, USA)

Collections-based organizations

  • Leonard P. Hirsch (Smithsonian Institution, USA)
  • James Miller (Missouri Botanical Garden, USA)


  • Sara Boettiger, Eric Van Dusen, Brian Wright (University of California, Berkeley, USA)
  • Stephen Brush, Kim Chambers, Matthew Cohen, Jil Harkin, Laura Lewis, Karina Nabors (University of California, Davis, USA)
  • Santiago Carrizosa, Adi Damania, Patrick McGuire (UC Genetic Resources Conservation Program, USA)
  • Brendan Tobin (United Nations University, Japan)
  • Joe Vogel (University of Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico)

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