• Identification and support of animal, microbial, and plant genetic resources.
  • Development of improved methods and strategies for procuring and maintaining genetic resources.
  • Facilitation and outreach.

  • Identification of animal, microbial, and plant genetic resources critical to California and support of their onsite and offsite conservation.

    This objective was addressed primarily by an annual small grants program which solicited proposals for support from holders of genetic resources collections. Though the awards were small, they served several purposes: cumulatively they made possible the identification of collections at risk in the UC system and the state, they filled some very specific stop-gap needs for preservation techniques, for inventory, and for collection consolidation, and in several instances, they allowed collection holders to leverage other support.

    In an attempt to go beyond what can be achieved with the small grant awards, GRCP convened task forces for evaluation of specific collections or groups of related collections. The goal of such evaluations was identification of the value, extent of use, sources of support, and critical needs for the long-term conservation of the targeted materials. The Program had success in having the recommendations of such task forces accepted and carried out by the parties who had a vested interest in the long-term conservation of specific collections.

    Development of improved methods and strategies for procuring and maintaining genetic resources.

    To address this objective, GRCP solicited extramural funding for specific conservation projects, research on conservation methodology and evaluation, and for training in conservation. Information on several such projects can be found at the Projects link below.

    Facilitation of teaching and dissemination of information concerning genetic resources conservation by means of workshops, classes, seminars, conferences, publications, and other outreach activities.

    GRCP organized and supported training in genetic resources conservation, held symposia and conferences, and published symposia and conference proceedings, reports from task forces, and descriptions of major collections.

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